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Poster: Ssag Date: Jun 20, 2007 1:11am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: The Guitar Slingers of San Francisco

The discussion about Kimmock and Garcia got me thinking about the who's who of San Fran.. In order here's who I feel should be rated 1-5 in San Francisco. Hopefully, this springs into a great thread for discussion. Rated #22 by Rolling Stone magazine.

Mike Bloomfield- legendary guitarist for the Electric Flag, Kosmic Blues Band and Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Played on several studio works and musicians ranging from Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry to Nick Gravenites and more. I read it quoted at the time of the burgeoning music scene in SF that all the guitarists including Garcia himself referred to Mike as the best of the best. Here's a free site to listen to Mike play: (Please check out Super Session also)

John Cipollina- What more can I say about this guy. The man could play anything and did. From country to hard rock to on down to the dirty blues. Guitarist of QMS, Man, Nicksilver, Zero, Thunder and Lighting and on and on. Played in more bands than I can remember. When John sat in with a band all leads were given to him. Had a sound no one could duplicate and a range untouched by anyone else in SF. Rated # 32 by Rolling Stone magazine. Which I consider amazing that that shit mag even remembered him.

There is tons of Cip's stuff here on LMA. Here's a link to it:

I suggest anything with the QMS and/or with Barry Melton. "Fish and Chip"

Jerry Miller- Moby Grape. Why this band didn't make it big is beyond me. But Miller can play. Catch him when you're in Seattle, it will be worth every minute, he still plays. The man can still play. Check out Mike Bloomfield with(the other Jerry)Miller on the Grape Jam album.

Carlos Santana- Enough said about this cat. Sustain like no other. Feeling like no other. This catty cat blow doors and windows off when he shredded.

Jerry Garcia- I don't think I need to say anything about this. Had feeling while playing that no one else could conjour up. A sloppy guitarist but more than made up for it with uniqueness. My personal favorite but understand others had more ability.

Honorable mention: Barry Melton, Jorma Kaukonen James Gurley Gary Duncan

Hey all would diffenately love to see a GOOD discussion on who you think was the best of San Fran. And GhostofPig I know you can remind me of who I missed!!!

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Poster: cream-puff-war Date: Jun 21, 2007 7:17pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: The Guitar Slingers of San Francisco

Amen to John Cipollina, briefly a friend of mine when I was going out with Pam Tillis.

John Fogerty. And he can still play fierce riffs as when he was young.

Cyril Jordan. Oh yeah, and he goes back to 1967 Avalon/Fillmore gigs with Flamin' Groovies. Currently (this very minute) rehearsing with Clem Burke. Do the math.

James Gurley. Holy shit, gzzzaorrggggzittt. You remember Big Brother?

Mike Wilhelm. No kidding, Charlatans, Loose Gravel, Flamin' Groovies... he really could pick with the best of 'em.

Then there's all those little known teen garage bands with hot licks who sometimes though rarely played the ballrooms...

Oxford Circle, Sons of Adam, Autosalvage, Chocklate Watchband, Brogues, Beau Brummels, William Penn& His Pals (who were joined in one session by Mickey Hart I believe), Mystery Trend and others from the Bay Area (Sacto-San Jose).

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